Standard Protection Plan

The Standard Protection Plan is the most popular among our clients, and for good reason. The Standard Protection Plan is a proactive solution to finding and removing unauthorized copies of your product or content from the top file-sharing networks, websites, and communities.

You can rest assured knowing your content or product is monitored and protected against unauthorized use at all times.

Proactive Protection

Our team of experienced specialists work 24/7 scanning the internet to find, remove, and stop the unauthorized sharing or duplication of your content or product. If we find a violation, our team works quickly to remove the product or content from it’s source.

Content & Product Protection

The Standard Protection Plan protects more than just online content, we can help you stop the unauthorized distribution of your product online, stop unauthorized uses of your trademark, protect your website design, images, text, and more.

Monthly Reporting

Each month you will receive a report showing how many violations how many were successfully removed, and more. These reports will help you find out how your product or content is being shared without your authorization, and will help to stop any future instances of copyright infringement.

We Protect Websites & Digital Products – Our Service is Perfect For:

Website Owners, Copywriters & Article, Digital Products, Wordpress & Website Templates,
Plugins & Add-Ons, Software & Applications, Musicians & Artists, & More!

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1 Product or Website

  • $24.95
    Per Month
  • 1 Digital Product or Website
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3 Products or Websites

  • $39.95
    Per Month
  • 3 Digital Products or Websites
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5 Products or Websites

  • $54.95
    Per Month
  • 5 Digital Products or Websites
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